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I'm constantly tracking and analyzing what make us as humans, inspired to act and respond to new ideas. This is where I share my thoughts and notes. 


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Oct222009 Climate Action Day

So, you say climate change is a hard thing to sink your teeth into?  Well, the folks at have organized a global day of action this Saturday, October 24th to raise the profile of reducing our global carbon level to 350 parts per million.  Check out this great map and find a location near you! When you get out and join your fellow community members, you'll see just how many people are ready to take real action. 


Watch the video to learn more:


NYC Billboard Monitors Rising Greenhouse Gases - AP

Photo: Thom Wallace

Here is the story from the AP carried on Huffington Post , and the photo of that very billboard I took when I was in NY a month or so ago. Check out Deutsche Bank's website related to the bank, here -

NEW YORK — New Yorkers have long been able to keep tabs on the national debt, but they now have a highly visible counter to track greenhouse gas emissions.

A 70-foot-high billboard outside Madison Square Garden and Pennsylvania Station, not far from the Empire State Building, features a carbon counter. Digital numbers help viewers track the amount of greenhouse gases in Earth's atmosphere. As of Thursday morning, it stood at more than 3.6 trillion metric tons.

The sign uses low-energy lights, offset by carbon credits.

The carbon counter is sponsored by Deutsche Bank. It is a few blocks from the National Debt Clock, which keeps track of the U.S. government's debt.


Food Miles


Gov 2.0 Camp 

Organic conference organizing is alive and well.  Gov 2.0 Camp being held at one of my favorite Washington D.C. High Schools, Duke Ellington School for the Performing Arts, is a two day gathering that brings together the best minds in government and new media.

The conference, or un-conference itself is a representation of the great capabilities of the professionals at the conference.  From Toronto to Seattle to Washington DC, from CTOs to application developers, arrive to a conference where the agenda prior to the event is not set.  In the morning attendees, all 2 or 300 of them, arrive to propose topics and ideas for the day.  Once everyone proposes the session ideas for the day, organized chaos the likes of the Wall Street floor ensues, as people buy and sell ideas to merge sessions into compact sessions.


What's amazing to see in this dynamic environment is the representatives from government agencies as far and wide as the Navy, Air Force, EPA, Voice of America, the White House, Organizing for America, the City of Seattle, Washington DC Metro, Department of Defense.  There is no doubt new web strategies for government were on the road to the District prior to the arrival of the new administration. However, with the success of the latest political campaign and agencies in 2008 to leverage web strategies for successful impact, web 2.0 or what ever you want to call the new media world, has definitely set up camp inside the beltway.  My hope is that it brings real change to people outside the beltway.


The New Economy Rising

On a day when economists and pundits argued over the ability of Treasury Secretary Timothy F. Geithner's Recovery Plan to help stimulate the economy, President Obama announced another solution at a less visible press confernece. President Obama announced that he and his team will be emphasizing renewable energy incentives and green economy budget items in the upcoming budget process.

President Obama yesterday outlined plans to spend about $59 billion in economic stimulus funds and $150 billion from the federal budget to promote what he calls America's "clean-energy future."

"We will attack the problems that have held us back for too long," including dependence on foreign oil, Obama told a gathering of clean-energy entrepreneurs and leading researchers at the Eisenhower Executive Office Building.

He said his plan to invest $59 billion from the economic stimulus package in clean-energy projects and tax incentives would ultimately help create more than 300,000 jobs and double the nation's supply of renewable energy.

In addition, Obama said, his $3.55 trillion budget proposal for fiscal 2010 calls for spending $150 billion over 10 years to promote clean energy and energy efficiency. It includes nearly $75 billion to make permanent a tax credit aimed at stimulating private-sector investment in research and development. - Washington Post

While a less noticable moment in American history, its was an event that for some, was the culmination of over twenty years of working without notice in the new renewable energy industry.

"Innovators like you are creating the jobs that will foster our recovery and creating the technologies that will power our long-term prosperity," Obama told the gathering. "At this moment of necessity, we need you. We need some inventiveness. Your country needs you to create new jobs and lead new industries. Your country needs you to mount a historic effort to end, once and for all, our dependence on foreign oil. And in this difficult endeavor, in this pursuit on which I believe our future depends, our country will support you. Your president will support you." - Washington Post

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