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Defining Social Innovation, Simply

Infographics are a great way to communicate ideas and relationships and I regularly feature them here and on Twitter. There has yet to be an effective infographic that explains the concept of social innovation, a term that might be new to some, but has been responsible for driving change globally for years.

That's what makes this video inforgraphic by the Canadian based collaborative partnership Social Innovation Generation (SiG) so great. 

Designed and interactive infographics are powerful in many ways and can be shared easily via social media. Video infographics add an additional dimension to communicating complex ideas with simple visual concepts, adding voice narration and self propelled motion infographics to complement and enhance visual design components. And if narration is used, it is essential that the script of the video infographic be as clear and concise as the graphics it accompanies.

SiG does this effectively and clearly defines social innovation in a context we can all understand; the systems we live in, both natural and made made. And it does so right away. Within the one minute mark, the video tells us the answer to our question, "What is social innovation?":

"Our systems have created complex problems, that require novel system solutions, if we and our planet are to survive and thrive. Social Innovation is the result of the intentional work of people trying to make positive change happen, by addressing these complex problems at the roots.

Social Innovation is a process, product, or program that profoundly changes the way a given system operates. Changing it in such a way that reduces the vulnerability of the people and the environment in that system."

The video is also directly linked to and references the resources found at SiG's Knowledge Hub. From a communciations perspective this is both an introduction to social innovation and a spectacular way to drive people to the Knowledge Hub to learn more. 

As descirbed on the site, SiG's Knowledge Hub is "a website designed to provide learning resources about creating conditions for social innovation and to highlight examples in Canada and around the world."

You'll also find an interesting video series titled, Inspiring Action for Social Impact offering insights from "a national speakers’ series led by the world’s leading social innovation thinkers and practitioners." 

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