Watershed Radio
Friday, February 19, 2010
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 An exciting public radio project is blending new and traditional media systems to highlight the important concept that environmental issues are vital to people irrespective of the governing lines we draw on maps. 

Tackling River Traffic Pollution
Report by Ann Murray (Listen Below)

Shared reporting planned for Ohio Basin ecosystem from Current.org reports on Louisville's Public Media WFPL the driving force behind the Ohio River Radio Consortium.  Additionally the article reviews how the Consortium is incorporating public education, conference events, and stories to tell the stories of the Ohio river ecosystem.

“What we’re trying to do is raise awareness of the fact that environmental issues don’t stop at state borders,” said Kristin Espeland Gourlay, managing editor at WFPL. “What we put into the air from power plants in Louisville flows north and east, and run-off from a farm in Pittsburgh runs down stream to Cincinnati and Cairo, Ill.”

The project, which was turned down for funding by CPB’s initiative supporting local journalism centers, is moving ahead after securing grants from three foundations. It will produce on-air and online reporting from journalists throughout the watershed that reaches from New York to Tennessee.

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