The Story of Climate Change Drama
Wednesday, December 2, 2009
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Tiger Woods and the climate change discussion have a lot in common.  Drama.  It's a sure sign that climate change has reached the international stage. Drama and intrigue are now part of the climate change international debate, surely they have been for some time, but now the rest of the world is joining in. With five days till the Copenhagen Climate Change Conference starts (better known as COP15) the noise continues to increase and there are too many notable announcements to mention.  Most importantly, the "debate" part of the discussion is really starting to fire up on the grand stage.

There have been a gambit of interesting developments over the last few weeks.  The Obama administration changed the game by announcing a U.S. commitment of some level (a 17% reduction below 2005 carbon levels to start the conversation) toward carbon reduction and that he'd attend the negotiations on the way to his Nobel Prize acceptance event. China followed up with their own announcement of working toward a 45% reduction in emissions.

"Climate Gate" precipitated by computer hackers, in which stolen emails have purportedly exposed scientists as hiding facts from the public, vied for the spotlight.  British scientists responded as to its impact on COP15 while others look to dispel the myths of the espionage. It has been at the lead story of most Fox news shows over the last two weeks, but even on Fox News' Bill O'Rilley show last night, Fox News anchor John Stossel said the controversy, "doesn't prove anything about global warming" and that it wasn't "the smoking gun".  O'Rilley also added his thoughts that action on climate change was an important step.  He also suggested that only god will be able to deal with climate change. Stossel a clear skeptic of climate change theory did say that pollution was a critical item to focus on.  While the "climate gate" concept will linger through December and conflagrate the new responses by climate change deniers, this segment of O'Reilly effectively signals that the "climate gates" are coming to a close.  In searching, I haven't been able to find the video on Fox News, Bill O'Reilly's site, or on the inter tube. 



A different discourse has emerged recently amongst environmentalists that exposes the concern of some related to the cap & trade proposals.  Be sure to watch the video (above) and check out the website of "The Story of Cap & Trade" released by The Story of Stuff Project & Free Range Studios, in partnership with Climate Justice Now! and the Durban Group for Climate Justice, two leading international networks of climate justice advocates.  A follow up to the international internet sensation The Story of Stuff, The Story of Cap & Trade raises some serious questions and opens its own climate gates, or at least gives a really visible perspective on what kind of debates are taking place in the meetings leading up to and at COP15.

What is most important in all of this, is that the debate is still well and alive, and it will continue well after the next few weeks. 

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